Ep. 108 Part 2 – Personal Experiences: Crested Butte

Today we talk about some of our personal experiences that we feel were most impactful on our lives.

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How To Manage Your Time

Hi everyone, I just published an article with Barron Cuadro at Effortless Gent called “How To Manage Your Time”.

I go into detail as to how I address my time management as well as the psychological keys to understanding not just how to stop procrastinating, but why we procrastinate in the first place.

If you are struggling with time management, as I do a lot, then I hope this snippet of advice could help you by catalyzing a lifestyle of motivation and dedication.

Matt Saucier

Barron’s Website: Effortless Gent

P.S. We will be posting articles pretty regularly now that we have this availability. We plan to post podcasts every weekend and articles every week at mid-week. Please comment and let us know what you think!


The Environment and Our Future

The Earth is our home, it is the place that the lifeforms that have evolved into humans have resided for millions of years. Our planet is a place of breathtaking beauty, offering a haven for all of our wonderful experiences as humans here. For much of our history as humans we have lived in harmony with the land, leaving a small footprint and not taking much more than we need. The last 10,000 years of our history have brought about a major shift in the way we approach our relationship with the planet. Around 10,000 years ago humans shifted from hunter gatherer societies in small bands of people, to operating within the agricultural paradigm. In the hunter gatherer situation, we lived with the land, rather than above it, we ate food that had been recently killed or taken from the ground, we lived in a primarily non hierarchical society that saw people as equals. Anthropologists describe the situation of hunter gatherer societies as “fiercely egalitarian”: people of both sexes were treated equally.

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Ep. 107 – *Static Warning* Also Climate Change, Media, and Schooling

SORRY! We’re releasing this podcast as a “freebie”, if you will, because of the static throughout. I messed up recording it but it won’t happen again! Enjoy this content though as a mini (but long) podcast in between our regular podcasts.

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